Sanmark & partners is a property asset management company whose customers are primarily foundations, associations and institutions.  

Property asset management entails managing the customer's property assets and optimizing their return on investment (ROI).  

Our services also include transactions such as buying, selling, leasing and maintenance. We can also help you with planning and usage changes or by-laws with the aim of maximizing value and ROI.
Examples of transactions from previous years are these sold properties:
A high-rise buildings in central Helsinki, an office building at Ring I, a spa hotel, large wooded areas and a country properties.


What these properties have in common is their unique characteristics and that they were sold discretely instead of being advertised in newspapers or on the internet. A discreet sale of a unique property often leads to a higher selling price.
Sanmark & partners provides its customers with a total concept. We can help—whether it concerns small, individual transactions or large, complex, ongoing assignments. All jobs are given the same thorough attention, whether it is a one-hour consultation or the sale of a large property.


Sanmark & partners' business concept is to help its customers with everything having to do with property and the management of property assets.